White Blood Cells

How Acupuncture Boosts White Cell Count

While acupuncture is widely recognized for its effectiveness in pain management and stress reduction, recent studies suggest that it may also play a pivotal role in improving white cell count. This article explores the potential benefits of acupuncture as a complementary therapy for enhancing white cell count.   Understanding White Cell Count   White blood […]

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Top 9 Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

  By Siegrid Delaney BHScTCM Lymphatic Drainage Therapy Crows Nest is an incredibly gentle, helpful, and powerful health management tool. In this quick article we look at What is Lymphatic Drainage Therapy? How does it work? And most importantly, What can it do to improve YOUR health and happiness?   If you’ve ever had breast […]

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Our Covid-19 Response

Please read this for information on our COVID-19 ACTION PLAN.     IMPORTANT: Acupuncture treatment and Massage Therapy IS ALLOWED in the current social distancing recommendations.   Based on current recommendations, we are committed to staying open and providing a safe and hygienic space for you to receive treatments, as well as for us to […]

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Sydney International Women’s Day Event

Come and celebrate the work and passion of two amazing Sydney Women this International Women’s Day Speaker 1: Alison Battisson Director Principal, Human Rights for All – An Australian pro-bono human rights law firm, dedicated to assisting asylum seekers and refugees and to ending arbitrary detention. hr4a.com.au Speaker 2: Kim Pearce Co-founder, The Possibility Project […]

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Have You Checked Your Breasts This Month?

October is Breast Cancer awareness month, and we want you to check your breasts! “Forty percent of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who feel a lump, so establishing a regular breast self-exam is very important.” Self check breast examinations are for women of all ages and all breast sizes, and should be performed […]

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The Science of Why Acupuncture Relieves Pain & Makes You Feel Great!

By Dr Luke McPherson (CM) This explains the feel-good effect of acupuncture. When the needle is inserted, and then stimulated, it blocks the efferent neuron. This means that it is blocking the signal the injured/diseased site is sending to the brain saying “I’m hurt!”. This then allows the body to get rid of the inflammatory […]

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A woman sitting down on a bed with both her hands on her lower back indicating pain.

Acupuncture For The Relief of Back & Pelvic Pain During Pregnancy

By Dr Luke McPherson (CM) As you get further into your pregnancy you will undoubtedly deal with lower back pain and/or hip pain. As someone who is already a little less mobile, and a little less flexible than before; an addition to back and hip pain can make life a whole lot harder. Back pain […]

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Image of a man and woman with six circle points in each body

Cupping Therapy: The Science Behind Its Brilliance

Written By Dr Luke McPherson (CM) I have to provide a warning before you read on; to explain how cupping works, I have to delve into the body’s biochemistry. Some of the terminology can be a little dry, but in order to truly appreciate how amazing this medicine is, I have to use this terminology. […]

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Woman in a white shirt holding both her hands close to her left breast

Treating Mastitis At Home

Written by, Dr. Rochelle Hammond  (Acupuncture TCM) The companion article to this blog (Breastfeeding, Post Natal Care and Lactogenic Foods) has been published on the West St Wellbeing blog. Together they are intended as a brief guide to breastfeeding and treatment of common issues such as poor milk production and painful breast with at home […]

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A man sitting down with both his hands on one of his knees.

Acupuncture for Knee Injuries, Pain Relief & Cartilage Repair

Written by Dr Luke McPherson (CM) Relieve pain, and repair the joint! Knee pain can be debilitating! It is a load bearing joint that is in use the entire time we are on our feet. The fact that this can cause constant pain can really impact on your quality of life and make it difficult […]

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Chinese herbs used in alternative herbal medicine with calligraphy script on rice paper. Translation reads as traditional ancient chinese medicine to heal mind, body and spirit.

The amazing effects of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine – The extraordinary benefits after you get past the initial Yuk!!! By Luke McPherson, Dr of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Teacher of Chinese Herbal Medicine I love prescribing Chinese herbal medicine; I love that something so natural has these powerful properties to heal our bodies from the inside out; it is a wonderful gift […]

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How to Remove Hidden Toxins From Your Life

In this article Dr Rochelle Hammond (TCM) guides us through a process to remove unnecessary toxins and live a cleaner and healthier life. Last month we spoke about preparing your mind and body for the healing journey by practicing skills that promote rest, deep relaxation and establishing a strong mind-body connection (Preparing Mind and Body for […]

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7 Steps to a Better Nights Sleep

By Chantelle van der Weyden   In my opinion sleep is the most underrated tool to thriving health, and is so often overlooked when it comes to establishing a healthy routine. We all know we need to eat well and exercise, but prioritising sleep can fall to the wayside especially given the busy and overstimulating […]

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Happy couple with positive pregnancy test.

Improve Your Sperm Health

Using Acupuncture to Dramatically Improve Your Sperm Health   By Dr Luke McPherson (TCM)     This article is about boosting male fertility by supercharging sperm quantity and quality with acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  To improve sperm health and dramatically improve your chances of having a healthy baby whether trying naturally or with IVF, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine […]

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A pregnant woman sitting down on a tan couch with her hands around her stomach.

Acupuncture successfully treats chronic skin rash in pregnancy

Treating Rash in Pregnancy A published Case Study by Dr Luke McPherson (CM), Resident Dr of Chinese Medicine at WSW Publication details: McPherson, L., & Cochrane S. (2013) Case report: A rash in pregnancy resolved by Chinese medicine. Australian Journal of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. 8 (22) 21-24 Title:     A Rash in pregnancy resolved by […]

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