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West Street Wellbeing Owner/Director

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Siegrid Delaney, BHSc.TCM


Acupuncture, Massage, Nutrition and Chinese Herbal Medicine

Siegrid is West Street Wellbeing’s founder and Director.

She holds an Australian Bachelor’s degree in Health Science and is a registered Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Siegrid is unique in her approach of blending the ancient hands-on methods of Chinese medicine and acupuncture with the cutting-edge field of nutritional science. She uses these two distinct yet harmonious forms of medicine to work through the layers of complicated symptoms most patients have and get to the true core of the problem.

Sessions with Siegrid are a time in which patients can relax and recuperate, within the special haven that is her custom-designed practice, West Street Wellbeing in Crows Nest.

Siegrid uses a painless style of acupuncture studied and practiced while living in Japan, along with massage, gentle corrective movements, heat therapy (moxibustion), herbal medicine, food advice and nutritional medicine to understand and improve patients’ health and wellbeing.

Siegrid works with a wide variety of people, cases and symptoms. She has particular experience and passion for chronic illness from viral and auto-immune origins, fertility (including IVF support), hormonal regulation for all ages, immune support including chemotherapy-related immune deficiency, allergies and autoimmune conditions, and resolving chronic fatigue. Other areas of expertise include relieving aches and pains, reducing inflammation, improving energy levels, calming stress and anxiety, improving sleep, improving digestive function and gut health, achieving a healthy weight, and paediatric treatment for various problems.

Sessions with Siegrid can be booked online now. For complex cases allow 90 minutes for an initial appointment.. Follow-ups range from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the individual treatment plan.

Feel free to contact Siegrid for more information.