West Street Wellbeing Statement

At West Street Wellbeing we are super passionate about all things natural health and healing because the human body in all its wonder is nothing short of miraculous and completely mind-blowing. We believe health is a balanced state of being that requires sunshine, sleep, fresh food, friendship, fun, love, grounding, vision, self-awareness, community connection and a healthy dose of therapeutic touch.

We understand that different people require different types of support to better connect them with their innate well-being. We know learning new things and enhancing our skills makes us better practitioners so we are constantly doing research, attending seminars, collaborating with other therapists, receiving the natural health treatments we offer from other practitioners, and doing the self-work on ourselves. We treat every person who comes through our door with respect and compassion for their truly unique life experience.

We realise if we were only interested in health we’d be out of balance and out of touch, so we relish having other interests too. Between us, we’re passionate about Sydney harbour foreshore walks, inspiring travel destinations, dogs, cats, Australian road tripping, weight lifting, cooking, great restaurants, home renovating, interior design, parenting, funky and comfortable shoes – the list goes on.


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Siegrid Delaney, BHSc.TCM.

West Street Wellbeing Owner/Director


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