At West Street Wellbeing in Crows Nest, we stock and prescribe only the highest quality nutritional supplements and herbal medicines. We select products based on quality and clinical evidence as well as the ethical and environmental operations of the manufacturer.

We use a variety of practitioner-only brands including Metagenics, BioMedica, Panaxea, ChinaMed, and Bioceuticals Clinical.

Here are some examples of situations for which we would likely prescribe nutritional supplements

  • Practitioner supported detoxification
  • Muscular recovery and flexibility
  • Recovery from adrenal fatigue
  • Improving egg quality for fertility
  • Oestrogen clearance in endometriosis
  • Calming a wired nervous system
  • Reducing FSH for IVF
  • Supporting thyroid function
  • Supporting immune system function

We believe appropriately and accurately prescribed nutritional supplements can make a huge difference to an individual’s health and well-being and therefore are an invaluable addition to a successful treatment plan.


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