Remedial Massage Therapy

The Remedial/Hawaiian massage style is nurturing, energetic and fluid with varying depths and techniques for a range of individual requirements. Suitable for any body type, pregnancy, pain relief, relaxation & rehabilitation.

Great For…

  • Pain and stress relief
  • Clear blockages and congestion
  • Eases and reduces headaches and muscle aches/tight muscles
  • Beneficial massage style for depression and anxiety support
  • Promotes self-care, circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Improves sleep quality and quantity through inner relaxation.

Pregnancy Massage Therapy

One of our specialties! At West St Wellbeing we are qualified and experienced pregnancy massage therapists. Safe at any stage of pregnancy. This massage style helps to reduce stress, minimise discomfort and promote overall well-being in both mum and bub. It also makes for the perfect gift to give to a deserving mother.

Great For…

  • Aching hips, backs and shoulders
  • Swollen feet and hands
  • Lower back pain
  • General relaxation and de-stressing
  • Well deserved pampering


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