Due to Covid-19 related Government closures:


Our Yoga and Meditation studio has sadly been temporarily closed and massage services are temporarily unavailable.


Registered Doctors of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are allowed to continue to provide health services to the community. Our team of acupuncturists are available with a reduced schedule.


Naturopathic consultations will be available via tele-medicine very soon.


Our heart goes out to those in our community and all around the world experiencing sickness, loss, closures and hardship. May we all come out stronger and wiser the other side of this.

At WSW we have come a long way in the 10 years we’ve been open and look forward to staying connected and evolving with the times to support you and the broader community with new methods of health coaching and treatment appropriate to the current climate.


Sending wishes of calm, courage and love to all humanity.


Please follow our facebook pages for tips and new content from our therapists. (and be patient as we update the website and event calendar to match the closures).



Siegrid Delaney, West Street Wellbeing Owner.


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Siegrid Delaney, BHSc.TCM.

West Street Wellbeing Owner/Director