Somato Emotional® Release (SER®)

A natural progression of Craniosacral Therapy is a process called Somato Emotional ® Release (SER). At times of high stress or emotional sensitivity, the body may retain the imprint of emotion in the tissues of the body. Somato Emotional Release is a process of assisting the body in integrating these emotions. Your Craniosacral Therapist may incorporate tools such as therapeutic imagery and dialogue to assist in this process.

Somato Emotional Release® provides us with a framework and set of skills for working with the body tissues (‘somata’) at the same time as working with the emotions.  This is important as body and mind are interrelated and as we work with both simultaneously we are able to work towards a ‘release’ or ‘integration’ of any retained trauma.

This can occur in a myriad of ways and is frequently gentle and creative, as we listen to and learn from both mind and body. SER® facilitates personal growth and helps us move from illness, unresolved issues and lack of potential, towards wellness, peace and fulfilment. We begin to be able to move forward and thrive in our lives.


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