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8 Tips To Improve Your Wellbeing

The 8 Habits for Your Wellbeing

Written by Mayte Miguelez (MAYOGA Australia)

This post is about your wellbeing and how you can manage your health with just 8 habits based on the wisdom of the Tao. It is an easy guide to be aware of the key elements to take care of your health. Of course, the very first step is to acknowledge that it is your own responsibility to manage your health (not your doctor, not your Mum, not your partner). Nobody can do it better than you. Once you accept that, the rest is easy!

1. Breathing consciously

Be aware of your breathing, observe it and allow for deep, calm and paused breaths. Long exhalation is key for the toxin elimination process, consciously let go and release CO2, creating space to absorb more Oxygen, Prana, Cosmic & Earth Energy. Connect & feel the connection of your body, mind & spirit through your breathing, be present and feel peace within you.

2. Hydrating

Drink enough water, especially in the morning.  Just water, fresh and clean.

Not too much but not too little, all in balance. Feeling thirsty is one of the hardest feelings to be aware of, we are often confused by feelings of hunger or anxiety.

Make it a habit to drink water often, for example, first thing in the morning, before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and of course, after and during physical activities, after a long talk, long drives and after a meditation. Make sure your mouth is always fresh and feeling good at all times.

3. Nutrition

Learn how to feed your body. Take responsibility for your diet, aware of the diversity of your food, eating “rainbow meals”, with fruit, proteins, carbohydrates and everything your body needs.

You could be eating a diet based on your blood type, your age, your activities or simply your food preferences. The key is to eat slow, take your time for chewing. Be aware that the process of digestion starts in your mouth and that your intestines and stomach do

not have teeth, therefore chewing well is the first step to help your system digest and absorb the nutrients. Take your time eating slow. Feel love and appreciation for your abdominal area, all your organs there are doing a marvellous job, transforming food into your energy, they have a very important role, appreciate them.

4. Cleansing

Cleansing your body is very important. From your head to your toes, the external side is easier to see, but

just as you clean yourself in the shower, brush your teeth, ears, eyes, nose, face and every part of your body, also be aware of the importance of cleansing within to detoxify your organs & glands. This can be done in various way such as practicing More Aware Yoga, relaxing with the cosmic inner smile, releasing negative emotions, letting go of bad feelings, long exhalations breathing consciously, drinking juices, teas or a detox drink at least once a week with no other food or a massage with an empty stomach.

5. Protection

The first protection comes from you, the most powerful person in your life, You. So, stop poisoning yourself. Taking responsibility is also related to the awareness of your organs, so strong, smart but also delicate.

You need to feed educate your body.

With practice, you become more aware of the importance of taking care of your organs, as they are your “inner child”, needing to be guided and trained. When you become aware of this, it is much easier to take care of yourself, this is the beginning of the process “Back to the Body Wisdom”. Of course, it is all about balance, anything in excess is not good for you.

Smoking, drinking or any kind of drug could be affecting your organs more than you think, and it is your responsibility to stop it. This poisoning can also be beyond what you put in your body. Emotions also play a big role. Toxic emotions or toxic people around you will greatly impact your body organs and their functions. You have the power to detach or distance yourself from these toxicity. You can make decisions, you have the power – just do it.

6. Exercise

Exercise can be simple as you want. Just doing 10 minutes a day could be enough. Just make sure you move your body, your inner muscles, make sure the energy flows, blood flows and everything flows.

Flow & keep moving, so the energy in your body flows better.

Choose walking or cycling rather than driving, choose the stairs rather than the lift.

7. Emotional balance.

Forgive, Forget & Let it Go.

Feeling is here to stay, we all feel any kind of emotions and it is normal, the key is to release the negative and cultivate the positive. The five main Organs (Heart, Lungs, Kidneys, Liver & Spleen) are related with positive and negative emotions, make sure you release the negative and enhance the virtue of each Organ, cultivating a good feeling. Feeling good inside you, is very important!

8. Rest / Sleep well.

One of the most important elements of your wellbeing is a good rest. It is a key element on your health. Going to bed before 10pm so you that can be asleep by 11pm which is when the process of restoring begins. It is also important to have “empty” stomach, so have dinner at least two hours before going to bed.

If you need to finish some work, you can always wake up earlier, do it in the morning. The restoring process ends by 4am, so after that, you can be awake without impacting on your organs functions.

We wish you all the best,

Smile and feel good, practice everyday!

Practice More Aware Yoga


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