Our Covid-19 Response

Please read this for information on our COVID-19 ACTION PLAN.



IMPORTANT: Acupuncture treatment and Massage Therapy IS ALLOWED in the current social distancing recommendations.


Based on current recommendations, we are committed to staying open and providing a safe and hygienic space for you to receive treatments, as well as for us to work.


As acupuncturists we are trained in universal precautions for infection control and have always adhered to those standards.


Due to the fast spreading ferocity of the Covid-19 virus and level of concern in the community we have now taken added precautions. Below is a list of what to expect now at WSW:


Please stay home if you are feeling unwell. NO cancellation fees will be charged for same day cancellations due to illness. All staff here are committed to the same.


When you first walk in, Please use the hand sanitiser at the front desk (or if we run out, use the hand washing station in the kitchen area)


When drying your hands, use single use towels stacked in the bathroom and next to the kitchenette sink for your use.


When in the treatment rooms, the sheets and towels used are changed every session. As an extra precaution we have sourced specially designed face shields for the table when lying face down, and wipe the table with disinfectant around the face hole between every session. If you prefer not to lie face down, please say so, we can give you your treatment with you solely lying face up, on your back.


We are wiping pens and the Eftpos machine after every use. When paying at the front desk, you will see two containers for pens – clean pens and used pens.


We are avoiding using kisses, hugs and handshakes for greetings and farewells as per government recommendations.


We are cleaning the bathroom, including the door handles, regularly (3 x per day) and have left additional cleaning supplies easily accessible in the bathroom should you wish to wipe it down yourself before use.


We have enough toilet paper, hand wash and disinfectant for our immediate needs.


Please talk to us if you have any additional concerns or suggestions

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