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Improve Your Sperm Health

Using Acupuncture to Dramatically Improve Your Sperm Health


By Dr Luke McPherson (TCM)



This article is about boosting male fertility by supercharging sperm quantity and quality with acupuncture and Chinese medicine.  To improve sperm health and dramatically improve your chances of having a healthy baby whether trying naturally or with IVF, Acupuncture and Chinese medicine has a track record worthy of your attention.


In my clinical experience, increasing the quality and quantity of male sperm as part of the fertility process has yielded wonderful results.  A recent patient came to see me wanting to conceive but with very poor sperm morphology, and low sperm volume; so low in fact that it was doubtful the couple would be able to conceive at all. The couple were feeling desperate as conceiving naturally was extremely important to them.


As a fertility specialist I have dealt with this scenario many times; I was confident I was able to help them, as long as they were willing to make a few lifestyle changes and follow a treatment plan.  The treatment plan involved the same four prong approach I use as the backbone of my practice:


  1. Acupuncture: Weekly acupuncture sessions targeted at increasing blood flow to the testes, boosting testosterone, to enhance sperm production
  2. Herbal Medicine: A custom formula that would address sperm volume and morphology, as well as address other health factors that was affecting fertility
  3. Supplements: Using an evidenced-based strategy; I selected the following supplements based on both scientific evidence and clinical experience: Co Q10, Omega 3, A male multi vitamin specifically for fertility and L-Argenine
  4. Lifestyle changes: I devised a weight program to build testosterone; and an aerobic program in the form of boxing to shed access weight. We discussed a diet that would avoid foods that is harmful to sperm health, while generating weight loss and enhancing his wellbeing.


In a few short months, just when he was due to have all his fertility markers re-tested; this lovely couple announced they were pregnant and were 5 weeks into their first trimester  – a great result we celebrated in the clinic. To date the pregnancy is progressing nicely.


This case study highlights how significant improvements can be made to improve sperm health, even in extreme cases where it seems there is no hope, and even when medical professionals are doubtful changes can be made.

My advice to anyone wanting to improve sperm health is to get started making some changes. As a foundation, become a healthy weight, make sure you’re eating well and stressing less, and of course – consult a professional fertility specialist herbalist and acupuncturist.


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