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Turmeric: The Ultimate Mood Food

Is Turmeric really the Ultimate Mood Food? By Chantelle van der Weyden, Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath   Turmeric has been in its heyday for quite some time now and its actions as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant are well established (1).  Perhaps a little less known is the effect turmeric may have on mental health, […]

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Preparing Mind & Body for the Healing Journey

Preparing Mind & Body for the Healing Journey   By Rochelle K Hammond Dr. TCM, Acupuncturist   In our last newsletter we spoke about the 3 key steps to Restore Gut Balance ( and outlined the importance of adopting dietary and lifestyle changes to support an effective nutritional/herbal program. This article is focused on the […]

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West Street Wellbeing Studio for Hire

Regular Events in our Studio

WSW Studio Regular Events The West Street Wellbeing Studio is available for hourly and daily rental by external service providers. We currently have people offering Yoga for Kids and adults and meditation every week. Below is a list of what is on. To find out more, please contact the providers directly using the details listed […]

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Woman relaxing with a green smoothie

3 Steps to Restore Your Gut Balance in the New Year

By Rochelle Hammond,  Dr. of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Are you Looking to restore your gut balance after over-indulging this festive season? Did you know the traditional practice of acupuncture and Chinese medicine is the perfect way to give a thorough and lasting solution to this common dilemma.   New science is beginning to recognise what […]

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