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Natural Fertility: where to start?

Written by, Dr Rochelle K Hammond (Acupuncture, TCM)

When you are struggling to conceive, you want a plan of action, clear direction and to know what the next steps are. We want to share with you what we know works and what we say to the women and couples who come to see us in their initial appointments.

The first part of this guide will provide tips on what to eat and nutritional supplementation to enhance your natural fertility. We also recommend taking the time to implement these lifestyle changes and tweaking the diet over a 6-8 week period so that your health and fertility are in tip top shape before trying to conceive.

Eat Yourself Pregnant: Top 5                                                             

  • Healthy essential fats: a good balance of healthy fats from nuts, seeds and oily fish is vital for healthy reproductive organs
  • Antioxidants: colorful fruit and veg provide plenty of these DNA protective compounds. At least 5 serves a day!
  • Calcium, Iron and Folate: green leafy vege’s red meat, these are particularly important
  • Vitamin D: sun exposure (minimum 15 mins per day during the hours of 10am-2pm)
  • Iodine: from dairy, eggs, veg, seafood and brewer’s yeast

Supplements for fertility:

  • Omega 3 Fish Oil – Bioceuticals Ultraclean EPA+DHA /
  • Prenatal Supplement that contains folate/iodine/selenium. Prefered brands: Eagel – Tresos Natal / Bioceuticals – InNatal / Biomedica – NatalCare / Orthoplex -PureNatal
  • Iron (bis-glycinate form) minimum 24mg daily
  • Probiotics that contain the strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus LGG.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine up to 2g daily to assist health hormone metabolism and excretion. Also used for endometriosis
  • Vitamin D  (if you’re deficient) up to 5000IU per day
  • Inositol – Used in PCOS, IVF, egg maturation and blood sugar regulation

If you believe you need assistance with diet or supplementation for infertility, preconception, pregnancy and/or breastfeeding we are more than happy to help. Our practitioners at West Street Wellbeing are passionate about health and will work with you to formulate an individualized treatment plan.


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