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What does a Naturopath do?

Do you have any of these symptoms?

Trouble losing weight, Low energy and poor concentration, sugar cravings, difficulty sleeping, skin problems, allergies? These are all pretty common complaints we see here in the clinic and are signs your body is not metabolising well and could do with some fine tuning.

So How Can Naturopathy Help?

Iridology your eyes give more away than just your feelings. The iris is a complex web of fine markings that give clues as to the functioning of your organ systems including lymphatic and circulatory symptoms.

A complete history is taken where Naturopath Sophie puts together a pattern of signs and symptoms over time, developing a more transparent picture of your body.
Inner health pathologyDoctors may run a plethora of blood tests but often overlook the area of “Functional Pathology” which shows us how your organ systems are actually working. Is your Liver breaking down the caffeine you drink or is it backing up? Is your bowel effectively sorting through the garbage or is it letting some garbage back in? Functional Pathology is ordered right here at the clinic and the results give us invaluable insights for getting the best possible change in your symptoms. Some examples of Functional Pathology are:

  • Liver Detoxification profiling,
  • Gut Function testing (absorption, inflammation, bacteria, yeasts etc)
  • Food Sensitivity testing
  • Heavy metal testing
  • Metabolic tests
  • Adrenal / stress hormonal profiling

A diet plan ­a personalized plan is put together for your unique needs in a way that you can understand and follow. It may be that a food sensitivity test is recommended first, or perhaps simple changes like time of eating certain foods may be suggested. In all cases, recommendations are given with an understanding that you may be cooking for a family or have certain limitations and preferences, bearing in mind that you will always get results but the results may be faster the more closely you are able to adhere to the recommended changes (and everyone is still allowed some treats).

A Nutritional and Herbal Supplement plan is tailor made to correct any problems turned up and get you back to optimum health – maybe feeling better then you’ve ever felt.

After seeing WSW Naturopath Sophie, you’ll be able to answer these questions:

Am I absorbing well? (Is my Gut functioning as it should?)

Am I eliminating well? (How is my Liver behaving ? and how effective is my body at getting rid of waste products)?

Am I generating energy efficiently from my food?

Or is something happening to mess things up?

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