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Making Christmas Wonderful: 3 Easy Steps to Shedding Stress

By Julia Smith, Transformational Energy Healer at West Street Wellbeing

3 Easy Steps to Shedding Stress: Snippets of wisdom to gently propel you out of stress and into holiday mode


I love Christmas!  I love the summer holiday period!


December is such a big month with the build up to Christmas, lots of social action, and looking forward to our summer holiday break to recover from a big year.  Sometimes it can takes weeks to get all the stress of the year out of our system; and is it really all gone??


I’m a big advocate of taking care of ourselves.  Making the time and backing ourselves is so important.  Time for self nurturing, de-stressing and coming back into centeredness, in touch with our inner, and allowing it to show you your direction in life is what makes our life rich and fulfilling.  You can then make good decisions connecting us to what brings you joy.


Do you have a stress management program?  It’s a priority to ensure there is a not only a stress management program in place but activities that will open you to the greater part of yourselves.  Having activities you do that not only release current stress, but dissolves old stress that remains stored in your body; when you dissolve really old stress it creates an opportunity to open more into the more amazing parts of who you are – our talents, new ideas, different choices.  How – because your energy is running at a faster speed and not all bogged down with heaviness!


There are many actions you can take to do this.  Here are three tips to get you going:


Meditation:  daily meditation is by far and away the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to de-stress your whole body and tap into more of who you are – the best parts!


Doing it daily means that you will release not only what is current stress, but you will gradually release huge amounts of old stored stress.


For western society raised people, doing guided meditations are so much easier than silent meditation.  When you decide you are going to calm your mind and body into relaxation, and your mind is taken on a guided journey into this realm you find it is a much more enjoyable way to meditate than sitting in the pressure of being silent for long periods.  You can just build up into longer periods of silence over time.  If you sign up for my newsletter at www.juliasmith.com.au I provide a free Self Love Meditation you can download and listen to anytime, anywhere.  Perfect!


Exercise:  any type of exercise is good; getting your blood circulating greatly helps with de-toxing and oxygenating all your cells.


I highly recommend walking in nature, in a relaxed way and just open into feeling your whole being and feeling nature around you.   Welcoming in the energy of nature is incredibly de-stressing and brings in that alive vital energy, re-energising you.  Breathe in the energy of nature, breathe in the energy of the sun.  Incredible!


Energetic Healing:  so often our energy body is over-looked as a part of ourselves that needs attention.  Everything is energy, everything is connected by energy flowing through and all around us.  So much dense energy becomes stored in our body, and as it builds up it creates blocks; blocking us from joy, abundance and good health.  It is so important to be regularly clearing our energy body so fast, pure, clean chi energy can easily flow into all our cells and our brain.


To kick-start this clearing and upgrading program I highly recommend 3 once a week appointments (so over 3 weeks) to really flush out your whole system, and then aim for settling into once a month treatments.


Words cannot describe how great you feel after powerful energy healing.  Lighter, relief, freer, clearer, happiness, joy and incredible have been some of the words I have had as feedback.


If you feel you are ready to help yourself, come and experience Transformational Energetic Healing.  Visit me at  www.juliasmith.com.au – it describes my particular type of treatments which is a combination of divine energy healing and music.  You can also read about me here at West Street Wellbeing at https://www.weststreetwellbeing.com.au/energy-healing-north-sydney/


If you want to slip straight into feeling deeply relaxed, centered and connected in yourself and lightness of being to start your Christmas and summer holiday period, come in for a treatment!  Divine! Christmas Gift Certificates are also available.


Have a beautiful Christmas and summer holiday!


Many Blessings






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