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Can acupuncture help with IVF?

If you are wondering, “Can acupuncture help with IVF?” The simple answer is YES.

Here are my 4 top ways acupuncture can help with IVF:

  1. Acupuncture helps you relax – Many unsuccessful IVF cycles are now believed to be caused by stress and anxiety. In modern living stress is an epidemic. For those going through IVF it likely includes both the desire to be pregnant and the IVF process itself. The more you are able to properly relax in an environment of support and understanding, the better your chance of success.
  2. Acupuncture improves circulation of blood – Poor or slow circulation of blood to the uterus and ovaries will hinder your chances of having a successful IVF cycle. Acupuncture can help IVF by improving whole body circulation. Improved circulation increases endometrial thickness and ovarian function, giving you a much better chance of IVF success.
  3. Acupuncture helps with the side effects of IVF drugs – The IVF drug regime is notorious for causing bloating and swelling. For some women going through multiple cycles they experience more long term weight gain as well. If there is a situation of excess fluid in your body during the IVF cycle, even if you have a perfect embryo to transfer it may not be able to take hold in the endometrial lining. Acupuncture can help IVF by clearing “Dampness” or excess fluid from the uterus and improving chances of implantation.
  4. Acupuncture improves energy levels – IF you are lacking in energy, chances are your inner vitality encouraging growth and development of your follicles is lacking too. Even with pharmaceutical stimulation of your ovaries, you still need enough vitality to respond to the drugs. Acupuncture can help with IVF by improving your energy at the deepest level.

When I am asked “Can acupuncture help with IVF?”, there are so many things that come to mind to say in terms of overall health and wellbeing but these 4 are the most significant. Over the longer term, using acupuncture and traditional Chinese herbal therapy can improve the way your body works in almost every way. While acupuncture has its roots in the past, its effectiveness is very much here in the present.

Keep an eye out for my next blog post on finding the best IVF Support Acupuncturists in Sydney.

Peace, Love and acupuncture



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