Transformational Energy Healing is a very powerful high vibration form of energetic healing that takes you on a journey of connecting with your True Self.  Stagnant and old energy that creates pain in your life is transformed, allowing high vibration energy to flow throughout you.  As this energetic transfer occurs healing on a number of levels can be achieved; opening higher aspects of yourself, awakening your true purpose, igniting new direction and ideas; re-aligning to what is really important in your life.

Transformational Energy Healing is a gift that everyone out to try.  If you are already a lover of energetic healing, you will love the work that Julia does.  If you are new to energetic healing and have some reservations, why not put them aside and come and try it.  We think you’ll be surprised by the positive changes you feel.

Energy healing is safe to combine with conventional or alternative medicine.

Therapist: Julia Smith

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What to expect from a session?

Using an array of energetic medicine tools (listed below) experienced energy therapist Julia Smith is able to directly access the 7 main chakras and many other chakras all over the body including the feet, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows, hands and many around the head, plus in the energy field around the body as a whole.  The energy that comes through is specific for each individual and is able to clear out dense energy (ie. Trauma, abuse, past life trauma, karma etc = negative dense energy) which results in changes in perspective, feelings of relief, lightness and an overall sensation of improved wellbeing.  The energy coming through may then shift to bringing in new fresh higher vibration energy, replacing the old energy that was dissolved.  This new energy can activate your DNA, ignite new direction and focuses, connect you to your purpose, and re-align/awaken you to what is important in your life, enable forgiveness to name a few.  It’s very personal as to what the result is.


Transformational Energy Healing Tools & Methods.

Sound Frequency Healing/Music Therapy:

Julia utilizes an amazing tubular crystal harp, which is comprised of 10 sound tones of transformation.  This harp was tailor made for Julia with these sound frequency tones known for their transformational impact at a cellular DNA level.

Julia also utilizes incredibly relaxing music containing sound frequencies that take your mind straight to the alpha/theta brainwave state of deep meditation and rest.  This amazing music also raises your brainwave patterning and equalises brain usage in the left and right hemispheres for equal whole mind usage.  As we are so left brain educated this music stimulates the right side of the brain creating more access to the skills available.  The mind then operates so much better with ideas, concepts and intuition of the right side of the brain flows then to the left side for planning, information gathering and structuring and implementation.

Hands on Healing – dynamic high frequency energy.  This powerful energy is able to pass through the therapist’s body to the patient.  Our Energy Healing Therapist Julia understands the importance of the clarity of herself as a conduit and as such engages in constant personal clearing work including regular mediation and whole food eating which enables a clear and open “channel” to be able to receive and embody high frequency energy to flow through to the receiver.

Swords of Light – this pair of selenite swords is a very effective tool for easily removing old negative lines of energy that contain trauma and sabotage energy.  The handles of these swords contain sacred waters from around the planet and 200 crushed high vibration crystals, which adds more high frequency power and effectiveness.  This pair was chosen as they are a masculine and feminine pair, perfect for using on our energy system as we are aiming to balance the masculine and feminine energies within ourselves.

Colour Therapy – everything in life is made up of sound, colour and light as energy waves, so incorporating colour rays as energy is an important way of re-fuelling our energy field.  The Soul Colour energy sprays provide access to the 14 balancing Colour energy rays (7 colours of the chakras and a balancing colour for each).  These sprays are created in sacred ceremony, making them perfect in energy healing as they integrate in so well. They connect you to the ArchAngel and Ascended Master on each colour ray and their high vibration nature is valuable in clearing chakras and the energy field, raising your vibration and activating your gifts when you connect with the higher vibration end of each colour.  Our energy specialist Julia is an expert in understanding applying colour into the auric field and chakras.

Essential Oils – accessing the limbic emotional centre of the brain is an important part of transformation.  Memory is cellular and the therapeutic grade pure essential plant oils used, powerfully access the olfactory sense of smell within the limbic system in the brain and bring the energy transformation to a physical cellular level.  As Julia applies these oils she infuses the oil with high frequency energy for maximum impact.

Julia looks forward to hearing from you.