5 Amazing Benefits of MaYoga

MAYOGA is more than just Yoga…

It is MORE AWARE Yoga, where you learn and feel each movement, each breath, each gesture and the purpose of each sound. MaYoga practices use a blend of techniques beyond traditional yoga to incorporate Tao meditation and manual-etheric movements. MAYOGA practice provides a physical, emotional, spiritual and mental workout to transform all inner stress into energy and vitality. We want to make sure you look good and feel good, but also tend to that inner space by honoring who you are.

MAYOGA practice is based on 5 main pillars:

1. Find Your Centre

The practice is about balance and neutralising your energy (your Yin and Yang) to find that perfect point within you. Your Centre, Your Inner Peace. Just like a battery, we also have two poles to generate electricity, and generate energy when opposites meet in the middle. MAYOGA helps you find your centre point and It is here where our mind and spirit align to make the best decisions for the Self.

2. Bring the Boss Back

Everybody knows that when the boss is in the office, the team behaviour is different. The presence of the boss or the perception of that presence, can impact on the performance of the team, and thus the results of the company. Physics has also taught us that the ‘observer alters the composition of the observed´(the Observer-Effect Theory). If you consider your body as a company, then YOU as the boss need to make sure you visit often to check that you’re on track. In order to do this, you need to connect your heart and mind- MAYOGA practice guides you to align thoughts, feelings and actions so that your self-awareness is maximized along with your health.

3. Breathe Consciously

The practice applies basic but energetic and conscious breathing techniques to activate the energy centres (chakras), clean your organs and enlighten your fire (life force power in your core, the lower tan-tien). With this breathing, we make sure the energy flows, blood flows and you activate the micro cosmic orbit*, your inner energy source. This conscious breathing improves circulation and enhances the process of elimination/detoxification of your body on a cellular level. On a purely physical level, oxygen is one of the few things we cannot live without-  diaphragm breathing fills the stomach before the lungs will provide oxygen to muscle tissue and all of the organs, this infact helps to raise energy throughout the whole day. Next time you feel stressed or fatigued, take a couple of minutes and just breath…As simple as it sounds, this exercise can boost energy and promote a calming effect.

* The MicroCosmicOrbit is an ancient meditation that uses pure mind power (meditation) to connect two internal lines of connective tissue (meridians), to form one circular pathway in the body. With proper training, chi can be guided through this channel. By moving chi (energy) through this Orbit, you will prevent stuck chi, clean your chi and learn to store it. Many students experience more balanced energy throughout the day with this meditation, when they practice on a regular part of their daily routine.

4. Feel Love, Joy, Happiness and Appreciation

We know that recognition for a job well done is important for our self-esteem and morale. As such, we must also give our organs recognition for the great work they are doing keeping us alive. . It is essential that we maintain a good relationship with our organs, and show them appreciation. MAYOGA practice uses the principles of the inner smile meditation to connect with your organs and glands, giving them recognition, light, energy, and love. Your body is your temple, so you need to take care of it to enhance your health, your immune and nervous systems.

5. Use the Power of Your Hands.

Your hands hold the information of our whole body and of our evolution as human beings. They are a connected with the heart, as they are a minor chakra of the heart chakra. MAYOGA practice integrates Manual etheric methodology in its yoga sequences which teach you how to identify and work with your energy channels to absorb, clean and transmit energy and promote self-healing.


Mayte is teaching MaYoga classes at West Street Wellbeing Studio on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays- Check the link for class times.

Or contact Mayte directly on:    https://m.facebook.com/MaYogaAustralia

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